Albums Made

Nearly all music bands record their music, using the media of the day, for purchase by the public. A band with a particularly long life-span usually generate a huge amount of recorded music, and King Crimson are no exception – they have released a massive amount of music for public consumption.

I have seperated the albums into 3 categories…

1)  CONTEMPORARY – these are albums that were released during the lifetime of the band. Technically, this should NOT include “Red”, but as it was completed before the final break-up, I have included it here. I have also included the solitary Giles, Giles & Fripp album.

2)  RETROSPECTIVE – these are albums of fresh material that were released AFTER the band split in 1974. The vast majority are live albums taken from Robert Fripp’s personal collection (he recorded a lot of gigs) and from boot-leg recordings that have been ‘sonically cleaned up’, with varying degrees of success.

3)  COMPILATIONS – these are albums composed of recordings already made available to the public. In this case, I will simply be mentioning the name of the album title, but if an unreleased track has been included, then I will expand on the details of that particular album.

I must point out that I am NOT including bootleg recordings. If you are aware of such a recording that has not appeared in the Retrospective section, then send it to DGM. You won’t be punished for it, as you merely acquired the music, rather than stood there in the audience, pointing a microphone at the band!

If you find an error in any of the entries, then tell me, but as the vast amount of data has been taken from King Crimson’s own site ( and John Relph’s excellent discography on the Elephant Talk website, I believe that these collections are accurate.

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