Information Centre

As far as I am concerned, this is an essential part of the Tron-is-King site, as it concentrates the known facts of the 1969-74 era of King Crimson in one site, instead of being strewn over several parts of the internet.

This section has a Biography of the band up to 1974 (though it ties up a few ends up to 1976), various Discographies (to cater for the different types of releases), a list of all King Crimson Concerts up to 1974, and a section that looks at the Subsequent Careers of personnel after they left King Crimson. In the case of session musicians, their careers BEFORE they performed for Crimson will also be looked at.

It is intended that this section be a reference source, so accuracy of information is paramount. If you find a mistake, I would be obliged if you would point this out to me, together with the source of that information, so it can be confirmed.

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